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Get what you need from your CBD

Choosing your CBD products is based on your needs. Knowing how CBD works with your body will help you choose what is best for you and your wellness journey.

Bioavailability is important when it comes to CBD. Bioavailability refers to how much of a substance introduced into the body enters the bloodstream. The more bioavailable a product, the more your body will be able to use it.

We at Paloma Verde offer different ways you can consume CBD. We have salves, gummies, capsules and tinctures.

Topical Application

A salve is applied to the skin. This a great option if you are just beginning to use CBD. The salve is absorbed through the pores and its effects are felt because it binds to the cannabinoid receptors in that area. The bioavailability of a topical application of CBD is low because it doesn’t reach the bloodstream. Applying liberally can give you a little more concentration of CBD.


Capsules and gummies are known as edibles. These are a great option because it gives you an exact dosage per capsule or gummy. The concentration of CBD edibles is lowered because it must pass through the digestive system and liver before it reaches the bloodstream. Its effects can take up to an hour to set in.


Sublingual or under the tongue is the ideal way to consume CBD tinctures. Holding the CBD oil under the tongue for 60-90 seconds before swallowing, will allow for the CBD to bypass the digestive system. The mucous membranes will absorb the oil and allow it to reach the bloodstream. The effects can be felt faster than with edibles, but you might have to adjust the dosage to find the right one for you. Our mint flavored CBD will make the oil tasty and easy to take.

All of our CBD products are fat soluble. This means that they dissolve in fat. Consuming your CBD product with some healthy facts like coconut oil or avocado oil, can increase the bioavailability of your CBD.

Visit our shop or send us a message for more information. We are always here to help!

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The Weeds and the Roots

The use of medicinal plants keeps indigenous wisdom and cultural practices relevant. It honors la sabiduria, (wisdom), of the connection between earth and body.

Using weeds and roots is part of our Latin history. They have been used to treat illnesses, cleanse houses, perform rituals and, of course, to season our food. Their accessibility and affordability is one of the reasons Latinos are reported to consume more herbs than other ethic groups.

Our mission is shaped not only by family members who came to the U.S in search of better opportunities, but also by our ancestors.

We share roots with the indigenous tribe, Huicholes, in the Mexican state of Jalisco. They are known for their deep connection to corn and peyote. Every year they partake on a 250 mile spiritual pilgrimage to Wirikuta, a sacred peyote garden.

Going deeper into our history we find the Aztecs. They were expert herbalists and from them we received the first known herbal medicinal book, “Little Book of the Medicinal Herbs of the Indians”. The book was written by Martinis de La Cruz, an Aztec physician and it was translated to Latin by Juannes Badianus.

These ancient connections bring us full circle. Our quest to bring forth the benefits and uses of cannabis is just beginning. We are invested in ourselves and you. We are willing to push past taboos and start new conversations founded in strong roots and history. We are here to help you foster the connection to yourself and those who came before you.

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3 keys to unlock sovereignty over your health

Sovereignty- Supreme power or authority

This is a word we stand behind. We want you to feel confident in the choices you make for your well being. Your body is literally made of powerful electrical currents. You have power within you. It’s time to tap into that power.

Key # 1

Read, read, read

Picking up books that expand the conversation beyond the conventional health advice is a great first step to taking the reigns of your health journey. Books like A Mind of your Own by Dr. Kelly Brogan and Move your DNA by Katy Bowman are great examples of shifting the conversation into trusting the very nature of your body and its inner workings. The information is out there, you just have to search for it and take it in.

Key # 2

Ask Questions

No one has more knowledge or authority of your body than you. It is easy to see that we have fallen back into a pattern of not questioning doctors but the reality is that they don’t know you and they are vulnerable to human error. Ask questions, get second opinions, be your best informed advocate. This applies to any steps for you health. The burden and responsibility falls on you.

Key # 3

Implement small and consistent changes

When you are looking for a change of direction or answers to health ailments, it is easy to get caught up and want to put all the new information to use. Take your time. Start with easy things like changing your bedtime, adjusting how much time you spend on devices, drinking more water or adding more fruit and vegetables to your daily life. When you are ready to implement changes to your medicine cabinet, start small. You can begin by choosing to use homeopathic remedies or one of our CBD products to replace ibuprofen or tylenol. As you move through your wellness journey, you will become more attuned with your body and it will become easier to discern what works and what doesn’t.

You have to claim yourself and what you want for your life.